España, rhapsody for orchestra

España, rhapsody for orchestra (rapsodie pour orchestre in its original French) is a work by Emmanuel Chabrier, written and premiered in 1883 and dedicated to conductor Charles Lamoreux. The piece had its source of inspiration in a trip to Spain that Chabrier took with his wife in 1882. While visiting, he learned about the local folk genres, and returned with the idea of working on a voluptuous and powerful piece evoking them. The piece, originally called Jota and later titled Spain, received excellent reviews, and some considered it started the Spanish-flavored music ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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Chabrier - España, rhapsody for orchestra

Emmanuel Chabrier

Alexis Emmanuel Chabrier was a French romantic composer and pianist. Although known primarily for two of his orchestral works, España and Joyeuse ...
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