Prelude in D, BuxWV 139

The Prelude in D major, BuxWV 139 is a work by Dietrich Buxtehude, part of his collection of 'free form organ works' -as opposed to those based on a sacred melody. It is an unusual work in its harmonic development, featuring a fugal section reaching very distant tonal centers, and harsh dissonances). The form is also very rare, and it has been suggested that the piece actually answered to a program.

This piece contains the following parts:

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Prelude in D, major BuxWV 139
Composer Form Instrument Period
Dietrich Buxtehude Prelude Organ Baroque

Dietrich Buxtehude

Dieterich Buxtehude was a German-Danish organist and composer of the Baroque period. His organ works represent a central part of the standard ...
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