Piano Trio in Bb 'Archduke', Op. 97

The Piano Trio in Bb major, Op. 97 is a work for piano, violin, and cello, finished in 1811. Commonly referred to as the Archduke Trio -because of its dedication to Archduke Rudolph of Austria, an amateur pianist, friend and student of Beethoven- this work was written late in the so called 'middle-period'. The first public performance was given by Beethoven himself, Ignaz Schuppanzigh and Josef Linke in 1814, as his deafness continued to encroach upon his ability as a performer. Louis Spohr wrote: "In forte passages the poor deaf man pounded ... more

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Recording Beethoven - Trio No.7 Op.97 - I. Allegro moderato Download
Recording Beethoven - Trio No.7 Op.97 - II. Scherzo Allegro Download
Recording Beethoven - Trio No.7 Op.97 - III. Andante Cantabile IV. Allegro moderato Download



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