Organ Symphony no. 6, Op. 42 no. 2

Charles-Marie Widor wrote his Organ Symphony in G minor, no. 6, in 1885, and published it three years later. Though Widor wrote music for a great variety of ensembles, only his organ works are regularly played today, of which his Organ Symphonies are the most notable. Widor was at the front of a revival in French organ music, which had become almost extinct during the nineteenth century. A new generation of organs, however, made it possible to write complex pieces which spawned a general revival, not only in france, but in Germany ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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Organ Symphony no. 6, Op. 42 no. 2 - 1. Allegro
Composer Form Instrument Period
Charles-Marie Widor Symphony Organ Romantic

Charles-Marie Widor

Charles-Marie Jean Albert Widor was a French organist, composer and teacher. Widor wrote music for a wide variety of instruments and ensembles ...
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