Mephisto Waltz no. 1, S. 514

The Mephisto Waltzes are four pieces by Franz Liszt. Of the four, the first is the most popular and has been frequently performed in concert and recorded. Subtitled 'Der Tanz in der Dorfschenke' ('The Dance in the Village Inn'), the first Mephisto Waltz is the second of two short works he wrote for orchestra. While the work preceding it, 'Midnight Procession', is rarely played, the waltz has remained a concert favorite, with its passion, sensuality and dramatics generating an emotional impact. The piece is a typical example of program music, taking for ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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Mephisto Waltz no. 1, S. 514 (for solo piano)
Mephisto Waltz no. 1, S. 514 (for solo piano)
Mephisto Waltz no. 1, S. 514 (from S. 110 for solo piano - Busoni)
Composer Form Instrument Period
Franz Liszt Waltz Piano Romantic

Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt was a 19th-century Hungarian composer, pianist, conductor, and teacher. Liszt became renowned throughout Europe during the nineteenth century for his ...
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