Violin Concerto no.4 in Dm

Paganini composed his 4th violin concerto in Germany while on tour. The official premiere was in 1831 in Paris. This concerto was met with mixed rewies. The orchestral score was bought by a paper dealer 1936, from the descendants of Paganini. This orchestral score was bought by Natale Gallini, but the solo violin part was unaccounted for. Mr. Gallini made it a personal crusade to find the missing part, and eventually it was located in a collection of music which had belonged to Giovanni Bottesini, a double-bass player. Mr. Gallini at this ... more

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Sheet Music Edition

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Sheet Music Violin and Piano score, solo part (last page of solo part missing) Preview Download
Sheet Music Violin and Piano score Preview Download
Sheet Music Solo violin part Preview Download


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