Viennese Spirit, Op. 354

Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood/Viennese Spirit) op. 354 is a waltz by Strauss II, first performed in 1873. Originally created to celebrate the wedding of the Emperor Franz Josef's daughter Archduchess Gisela Louise Maria to Prince Leopold of Bavaria. However, the waltz was also chiefly noted by Strauss' biographers as the début of Strauss with the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. For many years, the Philharmonic had dismissed any association with the 'Waltz King' as it had not wished to be related to his light music. 

This piece contains the following parts:

  Song Title Performer License Download HD
Joh Strauss - An Der Schonen Blauen Donau Op.314 Waltz
Joh Strauss - Fruhlingsstimmen Op.410
Joh Strauss - Gschichten Aus Dem Wienerwald Op.325
Joh Strauss - Wiener Blut Op.354 Waltz
Composer Form Instrument Period
Johann Strauss Jr Waltz Orchestra Romantic

Johann Strauss Jr

Johann Strauss II, also known as Johann Baptist Strauss or Johann Strauss, Jr., the Younger, or the Son (German: Sohn), was an ...
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