Adagio in G minor

The Adagio in G minor for violin, strings, and continuo is a composition usually attributed to 18th century composer Tomaso Albinoni. It was actually written by 20th century Albinoni scholar Remo Giazotto. The story put forward by Giazotto is that, after WWII, he supposedly found a small manuscript fragment between the collections of the Dresden Saxon State Library. He allegedly concluded that this was from a second movement of an otherwise undiscovered sonata da chiesa by Albinoni, possibly part of his Op. 4 set. Giazotto then constructed a complete movement based on this theme ... more

About this Piece

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music Adagio in G minor - Complete Score (Keyboard and Violin) PreviewFavoriteDownload
Sheet Music Adagio in G minor - Basso continuo PreviewFavoriteDownload

Music recordings

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RecordingAdagio in G minor (Harpsichord)FavoriteDownload
RecordingAdagio in G minor - Guitar arr.FavoriteDownload



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