Concerto for Harpsichord, Flute and Violin in Am, BWV. 1044

Though this is a triple concerto, the harpsichord has the most prominent role and greatest quantity of material: there are several cadenzas and virtuosic passages; the scoring is identical to that of Brandenburg concerto no. 5, BWV. 1050, though the character is quite different. The first and third movements are adapted from the prelude and fugue in A minor for solo harpsichord, BWV. 894, which have been developed with added tutti sections. The middle movement is from the trio sonata for organ in Dm, BWV. 527, which has been expanded to four ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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J.S Bach - Concerto in A major for orchestra - I. Allegra
J.S Bach - Concerto in A major for orchestra - II. Adagio, ma non tanto
J.S Bach - Concerto in A major for orchestra - III. Alla breve

Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist whose sacred and secular works for choir, orchestra, and solo ...
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