Scriabin 12 Etudes, Op. 8

Alexander Scriabin composed his Etudes for Piano, Op. 8, in 1894. Published the following year, they represent in a fine way Scriabin's early work. The Étude in D sharp minor, no. 12, is particularly famous for its many technical challenges, including treacherous stretches with intervals up to an eleventh, numerous jumps in the left hand, repetitive chord strikes, and abundant octaves. The dramatic motive and moving recitative of the solo in the upper voices on the chordal background is characteristic of Scriabin's early creations. The right hand is always playing octaves except for the piece's ending. Similarly, the left hand is continually jumping around until the final chord is struck. It is a favourite piece among performers and audiences.
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12 Etudes, Op. 8 - 12. Étude in D sharp minor (Étude pathétique)



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