La Lugubre Gondola, S. 200

La Lugubre Gondola is one of Franz Liszt's most important late works, written in 1882, recomposed in 1883 and shortly thereafter arranged for violin and piano. The recomposed version was published in 1885 and remained the only version of the work published during Liszt lifetime (now usually called La Lugubre Gondola II). Though the piece was originally meant to be titled Troisieme Elegie, and dedicated to Lina Ramann, the death of Wagner had a profund impact on Liszt, who turned the piece into a Wagner memorial. The opening melodic line and ... more

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Sheet music

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Sheet Music La Lugubre Gondola, S.200 - No.1 La Lugubre Gondola I (S.200) Preview Download
Sheet Music La Lugubre Gondola, S.200 - No.2 La Lugubre Gondola II (S.200ii) Preview Download

Music recordings

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Recording Lugubre Gondola S. 200 Download



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