Vincenzo Di Chiara 楽譜

  • うまれた: 22nd 6月 1864
  • 死亡しました: 12th 1月 1937
  • 出身地: Naples, Italy

Vincenzo Di Chiara was an Italian composer of Neapolitan Songs. Nothing is known of his musical training, but it is not unlikely that as many other authors of Neapolitan songs of his time, after a brief theoretical background, he continued his studies by himself, where he gained his experience as a composer in musical circles of his city, that at the end of the nineteenth century had gradually witnessed an extraordinary flowering of musicians and poets. In 1892 he began working with the D. Bideri posting the song in Neapolitan dialect 'Achitarrella (on a text by E. Minichini); In the same year he met the poet G. Capurro. His lyrics would be in most of his songs.