Giovanni Andrea Florimi 楽譜

  • うまれた:c。 1646
  • 死亡しました: 1月 1683
  • 出身地: Siena, Italy

Giovanni Andrea Florimi was an Italian musician. The stages of the career of F. are reconstructed on the basis of the information contained in the dedications of his works in print. From the title page of the Masses for five voices we learn that in 1668 he was organist and choirmaster at Budrio, near Bologna. The Gaspari (Catalogue of Bibl. Of the Liceo Musicale of Bologna), according to some considerations concerning the dedicatory letter attached to the Psalms full eight voices, Bologna dated December 15 1669, considers it plausible that dwelt in that time in Bologna. The Faithful, argues "that he was master of reputation in metropolitan Bologna" (however it is not clear what time the F. may have held this prestigious position, his name does not appear on the lists of choirmasters and organists succeeded in S. Petronio).