Bernardino Valle Chinestra

Bernardino Valle Chinestra 楽譜

  • うまれた: 21st 5月 1849
  • 死亡しました: 2nd 3月 1928
  • 出身地: Zaragoza, Spain

Chinestra Bernardino Valley (Villamayor de Gallego, Zaragoza, May 21, 1849 - Las Palmas, March 2, 1928) was a Spanish composer and conductor. Chinestra received his first musical education with Infanticos del Pilar, later he moved to study at the Conservatory of Madrid, where he worked as a violinist at the Royal Theatre. He was a disciple of Arrieta and classmate of Ruperto Chapi and Tomas Breton, with whom he subsequently maintained a good friendship and lend their works in Madrid. In 1878, after the death of the owner, Manuel Rodriguez Molina, and with the assitance of his teacher Arrieta, he moved to the Palmas Gran Canaria , with his wife Joaquina Grace and his first two daughters. There he would teach in the conservatory and took the direction of the Orchestra Filarmónica. With the Orchestra, he played in many religious ceremonies at the Cathedral of Palmas. Also accompanying with the piano to all artists who disembark on the island.