Verdi The Force of Destiny

La Forza del Destino is an Italian opera by Giuseppe Verdi, with libretto by Franceso Maria Piave, based on Don Alvaro o la Fuerza del Sino, a Spanish drama by Ángel de Saavedra (which in turn borrows a scene from a work by Schiller). La Forza del Destino, which literally means the 'power of faith' -and it is usually translated as The Force of Destiny, was written in 1861 and premiered the following year. An important revision was made to the score in 1869, and in this version, the opera became a standard repertoire item. The opera has been deemed to be 'cursed' by some musicians, particularly since the death of American baritone Leonard Warren in mid-performance in 1960.

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La forza del Destino - Overture
La forza del Destino - Overture


The Force of Destiny
The Force of Destiny


La forza del destino
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