Schubert 3 Piano pieces, D. 946

The Three piano pieces D. 946 (drei Klavierstucke) are solo pieces composed by Schubert in 1828, six months before his death. They were published by Brahms in 1868, though his name does not appear in the publication. These are neglected works when compared to D. 899 and 935 and there are some doubts amongst scholars regarding if the pieces were composed as a set or were merely united by Brahms. Though they are popularly known as impromptus, some musicologists refrain from calling them that way, since the construction of these pieces is different to other impromptus by the same composer. These pieces are not that related to the sonata form, treating inner sections and theme presentation differently.
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Piano pieces, D. 946 - 3. Allegro
Piano pieces, D. 946 - 1. Allegro assai



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