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In everything that Minister Janet Lovell does the message is the same. It is a message of empowerment, for students, for parents, for people looking to make a change in their lives. It is an affirmation of the transformative power of our own minds, of our own words when in accordance with God’s. Its more concrete than hope, it’s faith in action, coupled with an understanding of scripture. In “Spiritual Vitamins” she has written at length about the power of not just positive thinking, but about actually being dedicated to projecting, and visualizing the life you want, enriched by Christian teaching. She teaches the power of prayer, as a connection to God, a drawing on the power within that He has placed there. This is instrumental in battling what she refers to as the ‘Spirit of Unforgiveness”; a holding on to past pain that cements insecurity, hinders progress in our lives, and can affect us physically, as a disease would. This is in part what makes her approach so effective. Eastern healing practitioners have for centuries taken for granted that the body could not be healthy if the mind and the soul were ill. In her Healing Seminars this holistic perspective, grounded in her enduring faith, has literally been a blessing for hundreds of people seeking health in body, and peace of mind. She has born witness to miracles, and acted as a vessel for the God who in Jeremiah 30:17 proclaimed “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds." Her CD’s have helped thousands. On “Healing Affirmations” she aids listeners in speaking healing into their own lives, through the power of faith and repetition. “Stress Release” is a soothing blend of Janet Lovell’s trance inducing alto and classically inspired minimalist melodies intended to inspire calm and reflection. She leads listeners on a re-discovery of their own body from the center of the scalp to the soles of their feet, to foment the healing energy within as well as connect to the divine healing energy without.