Ludwig Wilhelm Tepper von Ferguson Partitions

  • Né : 18th décembre 1768
  • Mort : 12th septembre 1838
  • Lieu de naissance : Warsaw, Poland

Ludwig-Wilhelm Tepper de Ferguson (Lewis-William Ferguson-Tepper, Tepper von Ferguson, Louis-Guillaume Tepper de Ferguson) was a Polish–Russian musician and composer, amusic teacher mainly associated with the Imperial Lycée in Tsarskoye Selo (near St Petersburg, Russia). From 1800, Tepper held the post of the court Kapellmeister, after Giuseppe Sarti. He taught music to Grand Duchesses Helena, Maria, Ekaterina, and Anna, younger sisters of the Emperor Alexander I. In 1811–1812, Tepper de Ferguson gave music lessons to Elizabeth Alexeievna, the Consort of Alexander I.