Carlo Cannobio Partitions

Carlo Canobbio was an Italian composer and violinist. After working for a time in Spain, he returned to Italy, where between 1773 and 1775 he composed several ballets and directed the orchestra of the Teatro San Samuele in Venice. Again in 1773 he began his relationship with the company of the printer and composer Luigi Marescalchi. Between 1779 and 1795 he was active as a composer in the imperial theaters in St. Petersburg; 1789 was also the first violinist in the orchestra of the Italian Opera, directed by Giovanni Paisiello. In the period 1783-5 trailed the services that was held at the Russian city to visit in Italy. Starting from 1796 was responsible for the direction of the comic operas of Gennaro Astarita.

  • Né : 1741
  • Mort : 1822
  • Lieu de naissance : Venice, Italy

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