Liszt 3 Concert Etudes, S. 144

3 Études de concert, S. 144 (also LW. A118) is a set of three solo piano studies composed by Franz Liszt between 1845 and 1849. The set was published in 1849 in Paris under the title 'Trois caprices poétiques', with each piece bearing an individual title (Il lamento, La leggierezza, Un sospiro). As the name of the set indicates, they are intended not only for the acquisition of a better technique, but also for concert performance. The composer dedicated to these pieces to Eduard Liszt.


3 Concert Etudes, S. 144 - No. 3 - Un sospiro
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3 Concert Etudes, S. 144 - No. 2 - La Leggierezza
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