Schubert Rosamunde

The Rosamunde incidental music Op. 26 (D. 797) was written by Franz Schubert for an 1823 play by Helmina von Chézy. The play premiered in Vienna's in and it was an inmediate failure. It has been since lost, but George Grove and Arthur Sullivan rediscovered Schubert's music in 1867. Excerpts from the Rosamunde music are frequently performed: the one-hour complete score, though, is seldom heard. There are two overtures associated with Rosamunde: the one actually played in the production was originally written for Schubert's opera Alfonso und Estrella. The other overture usually associated with Rosamunde is that to Die Zauberharfe (The Magic Harp), presumably because that overture was originally published with the incidental music.  A melody of the Rosamunde incidental music was re-used by Schubert in some chamber music pieces.



Rosamunde, Op. 26 - I. Overture (Alfonso und Estrella, D: 732) and Ballet no. 1
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Rosamunde, Op. 26 - II. Entr'acte no. 1
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Rosamunde, Op. 26 - III. Entr'acte no. 3
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Rosamunde, Op. 26 - IV. Ballet no. 2 and Conclusion
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Overture (The Magic Harp, D.644)
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