Bach Partita no. 4, BWV 828

The Partita for keyboard no. 4 in D, BWV 828, also op. 1 no. 4, is a keyboard suite by Johann Sebastian Bach composed between 1726–1729. It is the fourth suite in his Clavier-Übung I, and one of the six most technically challenging suites of the set. These six suites for harpsichord are the last set that Bach composed and the most technically demanding of the three. They were composed between 1725 and 1730 or 1731. As with the French and English Suites, the autograph manuscript of the Partitas is no longer extant. This partita consists of seven movements all in D major. The entire work takes around 20–25 minutes to perform.



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Partita no. 4, BWV 828 - Complete Performance
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