Louis-Emmanuel Jadin

Born: 21st septembre 1768

Died: 11th avril 1853

Birthplace: Versailles, France

Louis-Emmanuel Jadin was a French composer, pianist and harpsichordist. He learned piano from his brother Hyacinthe Jadin and later worked at the Théâtre de Monsieur. His first opera was staged in Versailles in 1788. The following year he took the position of second keyboardist at the Théâtre de Monsieur. In 1792 he became a musician in the National Guard. In 1802 he acted as a professor of music and in 1806 was director of the Théâtre Molière. He later won fame as a pianist and taught at the Paris Conservatory. He was made Chevalier of the Légion d’honneur in 1824. Many of his works were published in Paris, where he died.

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