Partituras de Bernard Aymable Dupuy

  • Nacimiento
    28th Julio 1707
  • Fallecimiento
    30th Diciembre 1789
  • Lugar de Nacimiento
    Toulouse, France

Bernard Aymable Dupuy was a French Musician. He participated in the ceremonies of the States of Languedoc in Montpellier. His work as a composer started in 1728 with a Christmas carol for the basilica. He acquired the the title of Ordinary of the chapel. It seems to have been engaged in Cahors, but he was appointed choirmaster at Saint-Sernin in Toulouse on October 9, 1745. He held this position until the dissolution of the chapel in 1788.

Título Forma Instrumento
Grand Magnificat No.22 Sacred Mass Choir
Grand Magnificat No.23 Sacred Mass Choir
Grand Magnificat No.24 Sacred Mass Choir
Idyle Sacred Mass Choir
Filtrar Esconder
Instruments Choir
Forms Sacred Mass