Zuzana Šimurdová Música

Czech/Canadian concert pianist who is fascinated by the classical and contemporary music. A Chopin Award Winner 2010 from the IBLA International Music Competition, who made her USA tour and Carnegie Hall Debut, April 2011. Diploma holder from the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (Czech Republic), Leeds University (Great Britain), Université de Montréal and Concordia University, (Canada). Participant of numerous master classes in the Czech Republic, Austria, Great Britain and Canada. Among her awards is a Janacek First Prize at the International Competition in Vienna in Austria, first prize at the International Anglo-Czechoslavak Trust Music Competition in London, Laureate of the prestigious UNESCO–Aschberg Award (Paris), Laureate of Vivacite Montreal as well as a recipient of an Orpheus Award for her performance of “Préludes a un pays vrai” a CD by Jean Chatillon. She has performed as a soloist, chamber musician and with orchestras such as Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra de I’Isle de Montreal, Leeds University Union Symphony Orchestra. Selected venues have included among others Royal Festival Hall London, Leeds Town Hall, Philharmonic Hall Kielce; Besedni House Brno, Salle Claude Champagne Montreal, Villa Criscione Ragusa, Rolston Recital Hall Banff Centre, Convocation Hall Edmonton, Oscar Peterson Hall Montreal, St. Judith Church in Prague, Hyoeum Art Hall in South Korea etc. Currently she is a full time Assistent Piano Professor at the University of Daegu in South Korea. www.zuzanapianist.com

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