Lambis Vassiliadis Música

One of the most distinguished Greek pianists Prof. Lambis Vassiliadis represents a unique style of explosive pianism and artistic sensibility. Privileged to study near to pianists like Yaltah Menouhin, Victor Merzhanov, Jerome Rose and James Tocco, he managed to obtain five academic titles from Universities and Music Academies around the world (Greece - Germany - England - USA) - all with distinctions and honors. He also holds a degree in Philosophy by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Mr. Vassiliadis is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Music (Ionian University, Corfu. Greece). He has been teaching at the University of Cincinnati as well as the Bowling Green State University in USA. He has also served as the director of the Synchrono Conservatory in Thessaloniki, Greece. Has been active as the artistic director of the ´Vertiskosª International Summer (Greece), the Summer Academy of the Ionian University and the Coordinator of the Piano Studies in the Conservatory of East Macedonia in Kavala-Greece. Has appeared in numerous concerts and orchestra appearances, in Greece, Germany, USA, South Africa, Italy, England, France, Libanon, Thailand, Lithuania, Poland. In his activities as an academic teacher in the late years worked closely with pianists such as Hideyo Harada in a research effort about the evolution of the piano interpretation and the Russian School of piano playing.

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