Edoardo Turbil y Miriam Prandi Música

Edoardo Turbil is considered one of the most prominent in this generation of young Italian pianists. Maria Tipo: "It was with true pleasure that I followed this young man's musical training. He has great talent, a refined sensitivity and a fascinating personality that has grown over the years, proving him to be a brilliant presence on the international stage of young pianists." Andrea Lucchesini: "He is a front-rank musician...mature and interesting, with an extensive and successful repertoire...in both soloist and chamber music fields. A young musician of talent whose performances reveal remarkable instrumental skills, assured technique and bravura attuned to the interest of music along with a rare interpretative sensitivity, combined with passion and discipline;I have followed him since many years now, and I appreciated his reliable virtuosity, his attention for the sound, the variety of timbrical palette, the great communicative skill and the extreme seriousness of the commitment." Paul Badura-Skoda: "He is an excellent pianist, with sensibility and a well-developed technique". Marianne Chen: "He demonstrates a unique intelligence in confronting technical and musical aspects in any repertoire he studies. He is very diligent in his research when he undertake the studies towards any musical composition. He possesses a keen and unique technical and musical approach, and he is a very determined young man."

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