Niccolò Antonio  Zingarelli

Niccolò Antonio Zingarelli Partituras

  • Nacimiento: 4th Abril 1752
  • Fallecimiento: 5th Mayo 1837
  • Lugar de Nacimiento: Naples, Italy

Niccolò Antonio Zingarelli was born in Naples, where he studied (from the age of 7) at the Santa Maria di Loreto Conservatory under Fenaroliand Speranza. In 1789–1790 Zingarelli went to Paris to compose Antigone. He left France hurriedly at the time of the revolution and eventually returned to Italy. He was appointedmaestro di cappella at Milan Cathedral in 1793, and remained there until 1794, when he took up the prestigious post of maestro di cappella at the Santa Casa,Loreto. In 1804, Zingarelli was appointed choir master of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. In 1811 he refused profusely, as an Italian patriot, to conduct a "Te Deum" forNapoleon's son, newly born and known as King of Rome, in St. Peter's, Rome and he was taken as a prisoner to Paris. However, Napoleon père was a fan of Zingarelli's music and so quickly released him. In addition, Zingarelli was awarded a state pension.