Juliusz Zarebski

Juliusz Zarebski Partituras

  • Nacimiento: 3rd Marzo 1854
  • Fallecimiento: 15th Septiembre 1885

Juliusz Zarebski was born on March 3, 1854 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. He would die in the same city in 1885. His career as a virtuoso pianist began in spring 1874 with concerts in Odessa and Kiev. His performances in Rome, Naples, Constantinople, Warsaw, Paris, London and other European cities were a great success. He was interested in the two piano keyboards, a new invention of Edouard Mangeot, which in two months mastered. He developed his repertoire in this new instrument and performed on it with great acclaim in the 1878 Paris Exhibition. He established himself in Brussels, where he served as teacher of piano master classes at the Royal Conservatory. Two years before his death he had to put an end to his career as a virtuoso as he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.