John Wall Callcott

John Wall Callcott Partituras

  • Nacimiento: 20th Noviembre 1766
  • Fallecimiento: 15th Mayo 1821
  • Lugar de Nacimiento: Kensington, London, England

John Wall Callcott was an eminent English composer. Callcott was born in Kensington, London. He was a pupil of Haydn, and is celebrated mainly for his glee compositions and catches. In the best known of his catches he ridiculed Sir John Hawkins' History of Music. Although ill-health prevented Callcott from completing his Musical Dictionary, His Musical Grammar (1806) remained in use throughout the 19th century. His glees number at least 100, of which 8 won prizes. Callcott set lyrics by leading poets of his day, including Thomas Gray, Sir Walter Scott,Thomas Chatterton, Robert Southey and Ossian.