Hans Engelman

Hans Engelman Partituras

  • Nacimiento: 16th Junio 1872
  • Fallecimiento: 5th Puede 1914
  • Lugar de Nacimiento: Berlín, Alemania

Hans Engelmann was a German musician. He was the only son of a German military officer of high distinction who rose to be a Private Secretary in the service of Emperor William I. The boy’s education in early childhood was of the best, and he began to study the piano at the age of seven. His father intended him for the medical profession, but nevertheless saw to it that the boy had an excellent musical training, even permitting him to undertake a course of study in piano and composition at Leipsic. The boy’s love of music was so great, however, that it surpassed everything else. His father’s attempt to keep him from a musical career by placing him in a mercantile office merely had the effect of making his love of music stronger than ever. IAmong the most popular of Engelmann’s compositions are: Apple Blossoms, Dreamland, Hungarian Rhapsody, Grand Waltz Caprice, Grand Festival March, Bride Kiss Waltz, Lover’s Lane Waltz, Over Hill and Dale, In the Arena, En Route March, Under the Mistletoe When the Lights are Low, Concert Polonaise.

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