Griego Melodías del corazón, op. 5

Melodies of the Heart, Op. 5, is a set of four pieces for voice and piano composed by Edvard Grieg in 1864, and first published the following year. The Danish texts were taken from works by Hans Christian Andersen (1805−1875).
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  • Movimiento / Secciones:4 movimientos
  • 1. To brune Øjne (G major) / Zwei braune Augen / Two Brown Eyes

    2. Du fatter ej Bølgernes evige Gang (F♯ minor) / Des Dichters Herz / The Poet's Heart

    3. Jeg elsker Dig! (C major) / Ich liebe dich / I Love You

    4. Min Tanke er et mægtigt Fjeld (C minor) / Mein Sinn ist wie der mächt'ge Fels / My Heart is Like a Mountain Steep

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Melodies of the Heart, Op. 5 - 3. Jeg elsker Dig! (Ich Liebe Dich / I love you)



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