Jacopo Foroni

Born: 25th Julio 1825

Died: 8th Septiembre 1858

Birthplace: Verona, Italy

Jacopo Foroni was an Italian opera composer and conductor who spent most of his working life in Sweden. His father was Domenico Foroni. After studies with Alberto Mazzucato in Milan, Foroni became involved in the Five Days of Milan revolt against the Austrians in March 1848. With the failure of that movement, along with many others, he left Italy and worked as a conductor in France, Belgium and Holland with Italian touring opera companies before arriving in Sweden in 1849 to work for Vincenzo Galli's opera company at the Mindre teatern. There, he gave the Swedish premieres of works by Bellini and Donizetti as well as the young Verdi. He conducted the first music by Wagner to be heard in Sweden, the Tannhäuser overture, in 1856. He died during a cholera epidemic in 1858.

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