Diminished scales and other scales

     Also known as the octatonic scales (because it consists of 8 notes), they are divided into 2 types of scales:
- Half step(HS) - Whole step(WS) diminished scales
- Whole step(WS) - Half step(HS) diminished scales

     The pattern of the HS-WS diminished scale is: HS - WS - HS - WS - HS - WS - HS - WS (as you can see the HS-WS sequence keeps on repeating until it reaches the octave note, hence the name).


We apply the same logic to the WS-HS diminished scale.

The pattern for the WS-HS diminished scale is: WS - HS - WS - HS - WS - HS - WS - HS.


Other scales worth mentioning are the chromatic scale and the whole tone scale.

The chromatic scale consists of 12 notes, each of them at a whole step (semitone) apart.

So the pattern of the chromatic scale goes like this: HS - HS - HS - HS - HS - HS - HS - HS - HS - HS - HS. Easy, right?


The whole tone scale consists of 6 notes a whole step (tone) apart.

Whole tone scale pattern: WS - WS - WS - WS - WS - WS.

Whole tone.jpg

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