Giovanni Benedetto Platti

Giovanni Benedetto Platti

Giovanni Benedetto Platti (born possibly 9 July 1697 (according to other sources 1690, 1692, 1700) in Padua, belonging to Venice at the time; died 11 January 1763 inWürzburg) was an Italian oboist and composer.


Platti studied music in Italy (mostly singing, the oboe and the violin). While he was still in Italy (until 1722), he also learned to play the recently invented fortepiano and composed sonatas specially dedicated to it.

In 1722, he was called to Würzburg to work for the prince-bishop of Bamberg and Würzburg, Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn. There he married Theresia Langprückner, a soprano singer with whom he had eight children. Platti spent the rest of his life in Würzburg, working as a singer, instrument virtuoso and composer.


Platti is said to have composed several oratorios, none of which were recovered. Only part of his work was edited:

?     Mass in F-Major

?     Stabat Mater Dolorosa

?     Concerti grossi, after op. 5 of Arcangelo Corelli

?     Concerto in G-Major for piano, oboe and string orchestra

?     Concerto in C minor for piano, strings and orchertra

?     6 flute sonatas op. 3

?     6 sonatas for harpsichord op. 4

?     Sonata in A-Major for flute and piano

?     Trio sonata in G-Major for transverse flute, violin and basso continuo

?     Trio sonata for oboe, bassoon and basso continuo in C minor

?     Sonata an oboe, violoncello and basso continuo in G minor

?     12 Sonate a cello e basso continuo

?     Sonata an oboe e basso continuo in C minor

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