Types of Recorders

RecorderKeyOctave RangeSound compared to FluteType
SopranissimoCC4 - C72 octaves higherMedieval
SopraninoFF4 - G61 octave and a 4th higherMedieval
SopranoCC4 - D61 octave higherMedieval
AltoFF4 - G6a perfect 4th higherMedieval
TenorCC4 - D6SameMedieval
BassFF3 - G5a 5th lowerMedieval
Great BassCC3 - D51 octave lowerMedieval
ContrabassFF2 -G4 1 octave and a 5th lowerMedieval
sub-great bassCC2 - D42 octaves lowerMedieval
sub-contrabassFFF1 - G32 octaves and a 5th lowerMedieval