Types of Flutes

FlutesKeyOctave RangeSound Compared to FluteType
PiccoloCD4 - C71 octave higher Western
DbD4 - C71 minor 9th higherWestern
Treble FluteGC4 - C7a 5th higherWestern
Soprano FluteEbC4 - C7a minor 3rd higher
Concert FluteCC4 - C7 (with B foot, B3 - C7)*Western
Tenor FluteBb or AC4 - C71 step or 2 steps lower
Alto FluteGC4 - C7Perfect 4th lowerWestern
Bass FluteCC4-C71 octave lowerWestern
Contra-alto Flute*GC4-C71 octave and a 4th lowerWestern
Contrabass FluteCC4 - C7 (with B foot, B3 - C7)2 octaves lowerWestern
Sub-contrabass FluteGC4 - C72 octaves and a 4th
Double contrabass FluteCC4-C73 octaves lowerWestern
Hyperbass FluteCC4-C74 octaves lowerWestern