Types of Recorders

Recorder Key Octave Range Sound compared to Flute Type
Sopranissimo C C4 - C7 2 octaves higher Medieval
Sopranino F F4 - G6 1 octave and a 4th higher Medieval
Soprano C C4 - D6 1 octave higher Medieval
Alto F F4 - G6 a perfect 4th higher Medieval
Tenor C C4 - D6 Same Medieval
Bass F F3 - G5 a 5th lower Medieval
Great Bass C C3 - D5 1 octave lower Medieval
Contrabass F F2 -G4 1 octave and a 5th lower Medieval
sub-great bass C C2 - D4 2 octaves lower Medieval
sub-contrabass FF F1 - G3 2 octaves and a 5th lower Medieval