Types of Flutes

Flutes Key Octave Range Sound Compared to Flute Type
Piccolo C D4 - C7 1 octave higher Western
Db D4 - C7 1 minor 9th higher Western
Treble Flute G C4 - C7 a 5th higher Western
Soprano Flute Eb C4 - C7 a minor 3rd higher
Concert Flute C C4 - C7 (with B foot, B3 - C7)* Western
Tenor Flute Bb or A C4 - C7 1 step or 2 steps lower
Alto Flute G C4 - C7 Perfect 4th lower Western
Bass Flute C C4-C7 1 octave lower Western
Contra-alto Flute* G C4-C7 1 octave and a 4th lower Western
Contrabass Flute C C4 - C7 (with B foot, B3 - C7) 2 octaves lower Western
Sub-contrabass Flute G C4 - C7 2 octaves and a 4th
Double contrabass Flute C C4-C7 3 octaves lower Western
Hyperbass Flute C C4-C7 4 octaves lower Western