Orchestra Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The orchestra is an instrumental ensemble that may contain sections of string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, with the occasional addition of instruments such as keyboards, harps, or electric instruments. It could be considered as the pinnacle ensemble in Western musical tradition, because of the variety and complexity of its repertoire, the rich possibilities it offers in terms of sonority, and its elastic structure and composition. The orchestra consolidated in this position during the 18th and 19th century, and the 20th and 21st centuries saw its inclusion in mass media such as film music, video game music, television, etc. Orchestras may vary in size from chamber ensembles (than can have around 50 members or less) to full sized orchestras (70-100 or more musicians). The terms 'symphonic' and 'philharmonic' are usually reserved to designate such orchestras, thought in practice this naming convention doesn't imply any real difference in terms of repertoire or composition. Orchestras can also be found attached to institutions such as colleges, either of amateur or professional character. In the early days orchestras were often conducted by a playing musician or by a soloist, and they could even perform without a conductor. The increasing size of ensembles, the growing complexity of the music, and the refinement of musical expectations in audiences, all helped to develop the figure of the orchestral conductor, which directs the orchestra through visible hand gestures, besides playing a part in its management.

Titel Komponist Form Zeitraum Bewertungen
Brabançonne Eugène Ysaÿe Anthem Romantic
Japanische Kriegsbilder Ottokar Wöber Anthem Romantic
Oh Canada Calixa Lavallée Anthem Late 19th century
Oh Canada Calixa Lavallée Anthem Late 19th century
Slovenian National Anthem Stanko Premrl Anthem Late 19th century
Arien à 4, C 53 Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber Aria / Arietta Baroque
La Pacifique Louis Constantin Aria / Arietta Baroque
Tänze und Weisen, Op.17 Jan Brandts Buys Aria / Arietta Early 20th Century
Une bagatelle, Op.187 Johann Strauss Jr Bagatelle Romantic
Ballade, Op.16 Hans von Bülow Ballade Romantic
Ballade, Op.33 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Ballade Romantic
Ballade, Op.78 Aleksandr Glazunov Ballade Romantic
Ballade symphonique, Op.6 Camille Chevillard Ballade Romantic
Ballata delle Gnomidi Ottorino Respighi Ballade Early 20th Century
La Ballade de la Geôle de Reading Jacques Ibert Ballade Early 20th Century
La revue nocturne, Op.10 Pierre Coindreau Ballade Early 20th Century
Tam O'Shanter George Whitefield Chadwick Ballade Romantic
The Deacon's Masterpiece Percy Eastman Fletcher Ballade Early 20th Century
The Revenge, Op.24 Charles Villiers Stanford Ballade Romantic
3 Ballets en sol Pierre Beauchamp Ballet Baroque
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