Voice(s) and Orchestra Music by Raffaele Delli Ponti

Born: 5th Januar 1864

Died: 19th April 1936

Birthplace: Naples, Italy

Raffaele Delli Ponti was an Italian composer. His work as a composer explored several musical genres: the symphonic poem, operas, chamber music and also many reductions and transcripts. His operetta Haschisch, libretto by A. Colantuoni, in three acts, with music in collaboration with E. Gregori, was performed for the first time to politeama Chiarella in Turin April 21 1911, meeting a great success, to the point that, some years later, in September 1913, was translated into Russian and represented in Petrograd. Further evidence of this success were the numerous transcripts, among which we mention that of GC Paribeni for piano solo (Milan 1915). Among his compositions are: Scandia, Nordic visions for violin and orchestra; the symphonic poem The Garden of Gethsemane and a significant amount of chamber music vocal and instrumental (pieces for string quintet, "At the minuet" for solo piano, and many others).