Johann Kaspar Mertz

Johann Kaspar Mertz Notenblättermusik

  • Geboren: 17th August 1806
  • Gestorben: 14th Oktober 1856
  • Geburtsort: Pozsony, Kingdom of Hungary, now Bratislava (Slovakia).

Johann Kaspar Mertz (Hungarian: János Gáspár Mertz) was a Hungarian guitarist and composer. János Gáspár Mertz (Casparus Josephus Mertz) was born in Pozsony, Kingdom of Hungary, now Bratislava (Slovakia). He was active in Vienna (c.1840~1856), which had been home to various prominent figures of the guitar, including Anton Diabelli, Mauro Giuliani, Wenceslaus Matiegka and Simon Franz Molitor. A virtuoso, he established a solid reputation as a performer. He toured Moravia, Poland, and Russia, and gave performances in Berlin and Dresden. In 1846 Mertz nearly died of an overdose of strychnine that had been prescribed to him as a treatment for neuralgia. Over the following year he was nursed back to health in the presence his wife, a concert pianist, Josephine Plantin whom he married in 1842. Some speculation may lead one to the conclusion that listening to his wife performing the Romantic piano pieces of the day during his period of recovery may have had an influence on the sound and unusual right hand technique he adopted for the Bardenklange (Bardic Sounds) Op.13.