Johann Jeremias Du Grain Notenblättermusik

  • Geboren:c. 1700
  • Gestorben: 14th Januar 1756
  • Geburtsort: France

Johann Jeremias du Grain was a German composer of French origin who worked in Elblag and Gdansk. It was probably a descendant of French Huguenots. His work represents the style of the late Baroque. Studied music in Hamburg with Georg Philipp Telemann. After graduating music initially worked in Elblag, where in 1731 he married a citizen of Gdansk. In 1737 he had the opportunity to meet George Frederic Handel. In 1739 he settled in Gdansk, where he could not find a permanent position, so he decided to give public concerts with the band instrumentalists, choir and soloists, which enriched the musical life of the city. One of the first concerts was held on February 23, 1740 at. Dike III - du Grain appeared here as a composer and presented his cantata Der Winter (Winter). This work has not survived to our times. Concerts du grain were very popular in Gdansk. He has performed as a composer, harpsichordist and Kapellmeister (performed not only their own songs, but also including works by Handel and Telemann). In February 1747 du Grain was organist at the church of St. Calvinist. Elizabeth in Gdansk.

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