Arkwright A Collection of 24 Songs by English Composers of the 17th and 18th Centuries

24 songsLawes: How happy thou and ILawes: Desperato's BanquentLawes: Come lovely PhillisLawes: Anacreon's Ode (I long to sing)Lawes: Night and DayBlow: The Fair lover and his Black mistressBlow: Boasting fopsPurcell: Stript of their greenPurcell: If music be the food of lovePurcell: Celia has a thousand charmsPurcell: I see she flies meLeveridge: AdviceBoyce: Momus's Song (Thy sword within the scabbard)Boyce: Venus's Song (Calms appear)Boyce: Ye nymphs of the plainBoyce: Rail no more ye learned assesArne: O come, o come my dearestArne: To DeliaArne: Hail immortal BacchusArne: Arise sweet messenger of mornArne: The school of AnacreonLinley: Dear to my soul is Damon's loveLinley: Ah! Dearest maidLinley: False Delia adieu
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