William Rogers Chapman

Born: 4th August 1855

Died: 27th March 1935

Birthplace: Hanover, Massachusetts, USA

William Rogers Chapman was born on August 4, 1855 to the Rev. William Chapman and Emily Bishop Chapman. As his father died only three months after his birth, he was raised by his mother in Bethel and received his musical education in New York. As a teenager he visited Europe and played for Liszt. Upon returning to the United States, Chapman taught music in the public schools and became the organist at the Church of the Covenant. He then married Emma Louise Faulkner in Chicago in 1877. Chapman first organized the Musurgia Society (a men’s choral group), and in 1887 he founded the Rubinstein Club of New York City – a women’s choral club. The Rubenstein Club’s goal was to encourage the study of music, particularly of the choral and instrumental variety. The club gave performances by its members, and also invited guest artists to perform with them on many occasions. Chapman was a noted conductor, and supported music through teaching and through the formation of clubs and festivals. He helped to organize the Maine Music Festival and was also tied to the Maine symphony orchestra. He died on March 27, 1935

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