Vladimir Dyck

Born: 19th March 1882

Died: 1943

Birthplace: Odessa, Ukraine

Vladimir Dyck was a Ukrainian music teacher and composer of Jewish descent. Dyck first moved to Paris in 1899, where he studied composition at the Conservatoire de Paris by Antoine Taudou harmony, with Paul Vidal piano accompaniment and Charles-Marie Widor. In 1911 he won with the cantata Yanitza the Second Second Grand Prix de Rome. Among the many piano students of Dyck was included Henriette Poincaré, the wife of the French President Raymond Poincaré, Henriette Caillaux, wife of former French Prime Minister and Finance Minister Joseph Caillaux and his future wife Suzanne Bloch. Dyck composed an opera, piano works and songs, including a processing of the future Israeli national anthem Hatikva, as well as several film scores under the pseudonym Dri Mival. 1943 Dyck was arrested with his wife and daughter in Paris by the Gestapo. On July 30, he arrived with a convoy in the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he was murdered a few days later. Dyck's niece Berthe Kal was known as a mezzo-soprano, his great-nephew Jacques Carpo to 1990 was director of the Opéra de Marseille.

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