Vincenzo Valente

Born: 21st February 1855

Died: 6th September 1921

Vincenzo Valente was an Italian composer and writer. He was known for his Neapolitan songs and for his operettas. Valente wrote his first piece, "Ntuniella", at the age of 15; this initiated a successful collaboration with Giambattista De Curtis. He wrote a total of ten operettas, the best known of which was I granatieri of 1889; he also wrote texts for the actor Nicola Maldacea, known for his macchiette; he was most famous, though, for his songs, the most famous of which was "Tiempe belle" of 1916. Valente was a member of the so-called Società dello Scorfano, an artistic society which ironically emphasized its supporters' brutishness; among its other members was the poet Ferdinando Russo.

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