Uriah Davenport

Born: c. 1690

Died: 1784

Birthplace: Rushton chapelry, Leek, Staffordshire, England

Uriah Davenport was a composer of parochial psalmody (West Gallery music) and a member of the choir at Rushton Spencer chapel in the parish of Leek, Staffordshire during the eighteenth century. Little is known about Davenport's personal life. He was born circa 1690, probably in the Rushton chapelry, where he died aged 94 in 1784; it was noted in the chapel's register that he had 'taught psalmody at Rushton for upwards of 60 years' He married Mary Smith in Rushton chapel in 1724 and three of their children were baptised there in the 1730s. His home in 1747 was at Flashcrofts, a farmhouse on the bank of the River Dane in Heaton township. Nationally, Davenport is known for his book The Psalm-Singer's Pocket Companion, printed and published in London in 1758. It opens with instructions for those wishing to learn how to sing church music, and includes four-part scores for most of the metrical psalms and for the canticles, nine anthems, and seven hymns. The preface makes no reference to his career, beyond stating that he had been a teacher for 'many years'. He is one of the first compilers of such works to claim authorship for most of his material

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