Raphael Dressler

Born: 1784

Died: 12th February 1835

Birthplace: London, England?

Raphael Dressler was a well known performer and teacher in London from 1820 to 1834. His flute method, New and Complete Instructions for the Flute is Op. 68 of over 100 works, so I imagine the original publication was circa 1825–30. There are 55 pages in my edition (published by E. Riley, NY). It is perhaps not so informative as the methods in English by Nicholson, Drouet, and Lindsay from about the same time, but still useful. Dressler also spent much of his career in Vienna before settling in London, and I hoped to discern some Viennese influence or learn about the above mentioned peculiarities of German performers from the method. But in addition to his preference for an 11-key flute with a low b rather than the common English 8-key flute, I can only point to his use of Quantz-like articulation syllables and his dislike of what is probably a Nicholson-like intense sound on the low notes.

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