Philipp Dulichius

Born: 18th December 1562

Died: 24th March 1631

Birthplace: Chemnitz, Germany

Philipp Dulichius (also Deulich, Deilich, Teilich, Dulich, Dulichs)was a German composer. Of his student days it is only known for certain that he was enrolled in the University of Leipzig in 1579. In 1587 he became cantor at the Gymnasium in Stettin. Since 1618 he taught at the same Gymnasium. He was also a teacher at the Marienkirche in Stettin and at the court of the Pomeranian Duke. In 1630 he retired after 43 years of service, and he died in Stettin. The Marienkirche, where he was buried, burnt down in 1789 and was never rebuilt. Philip Dulichius composed 232 motets, which were highly appreciated at his time and earned him the nickname of the Pomeranian Lassus. On the occasion of the Heinrich-Schütz Days in September 2004 in Greifswald a lecture was given on "Philipp Dulichius - Kantor an St. Marien und am Fürstlichen Pädagogium Stettin 1587-1631" (Philip Dulichius - cantor at St Mary's and at the Gymnasium of Stettin 1587-1631)

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